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Yazhi Zheng

Illustrator / 2D Animator / Motion Designer

Hello! 👋 This is Yazhi Zheng, an illustrator, 2d animator, and motion graphic designer based in New York originally from Dalian, China. As an artist who was born and raised by the sea, she is strongly inspired by the flowing water and the beauty of nature. It has become her mission to create rainbow-like colors and integrate gorgeous elements into each work. She is inspired by realism to science fiction, from happy to sad. She uses incredible colors and beautiful nature, combined with digital media, to create strong visual effects and lovely details, all in her fantastic dream world.


For commissions, cooperation, or any contacts, please contact me in any of the following ways .


🔹 Email


🔹 Ins: yazhi_arts


Looking forward to hearing from you! 🥰



🔸 Winner, Communication Arts 64th Annual Illustration Competition 2023

🔸 Winner, Applied Arts 2023 Photography & Illustration Awards

🔸 Winner, 2023 Society of Illustrators Student Competition

🔸 Silver Award, JIA Illustration Award 2023

🔸 Merit, 3x3 International Illustration Show No.20 Professional 2023

🔸 Merit, Young Ones ADC 2023

🔸 Longlisted, World Illustration Awards 2023




🔸 JIA Illustration Award 2023 Exhibition, Beijing, China, 2023

🔸 5th international festival of illustrations - Ilustrofest, Belgrade, Serbia, 2023

🔸 New World Adventure, Society of Illustrators Student Exhibition, New York, 2023

🔸 Flower Shop, 12th Annual "All Women" Art Exhibition, 2023


🔸 Flowing In The Ocean, Self Portrait - Untitled Art Fair, Miami Beach, Florida, 2022


🔸 Dream, Dreamland - SVA Flatiron Gallery, 2022


🔸 Senior Thesis Show - SVA Chelsea Gallery, 2022


🔸 “All In The Family”, Junior Thesis Show - SVA Gallery, 2021

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